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Elizabeth Anne Hull

Elizabeth Anne Hull

By Elizabeth Anne Hull

I worry a lot, maybe more than other people, maybe more than is good for me, but I am what I am.

I worry about global warming, how much carbon our atmosphere and our oceans can hold and still sustain civilization of human beings, especially. I worry about fracking and petcoke (a threat to the waterways in Illinois and Indiana, as well as to the rest of the world). I worry about money, both personal finances and the economy of the U.S. and the whole globe, especially about the greed for money that drives some folks to want to have more money than they or their offspring for countless generations could possibly spend, even if spent frivolously.

I worry about human culture in general and particularly about music, theater, architecture, and the future of fiction as a phenomenon. I worry about our having so many atomic weapons stockpiled in the U.S. alone that we are the worst danger to world peace and we don’t seem to have any plan to let go of the tiger’s tail.

Who I am is the new avatar of FP — his widow and now writer for Frederik Pohl’s “The Way the Future Blogs.” Many of you already know me — I did a few guest posts in the early days of the blog. Some of you may have even met me, because Fred seldom traveled anywhere without me in the last thirty-some years.

I don’t have a lot of time to polish this to perfection (I am a perfectionist manqué). But I hope at least a few of you will be patient and continue reading to see what I’m going to say. I intend to add bits and pieces of other items that interest me, especially cooking for health and economy.

Our blogmeister, Leah Zeldes, assures me that I don’t have to post much each day, but it’s better to post frequently. So, just as Fred aimed to write four pages a day, I’m going to aim to say what’s on my mind as often as I can.



Mountains are getting higher. Way down at the tip of South America, Patagonia’s tall mountains are each getting about an inch and a half taller every year.

This isn’t from tectonic activity. It’s because of the rate at which their glaciers are melting. As the weight of all that ice flows away the mountains bounce back up in compensation.




Fracking the shale that holds America’s “inexhaustible” store of hydrocarbons destroys our greatest treasure of aquifers of clean, pure water by poisoning it with deadly chemicals.

We don’t dare mine, refine and use it all anyway, because that would push the volume of awful weather disasters past the point of survival for many of the things we cherish. The only way we can give our grandchildren a chance for a nearly decent life is to stop the reckless and deadly habit of mining every molecules of carbon that will burn, and using it to pollute and ultimately destroy the world’s treasure of clean air and water.

We’ve already driven thousands of species of living things into extinction. Do you want to add humanity to that terrible list?




You’re Killing America’s Future

If the Koch Brothers need more money that badly, let one of them get a part-time job.

no more gop elephant

The thing is, to return our country to a normal two-party system we need to start by recognizing that GOP no longer resembles an American political party.

In organization it is much more like a modern army at war. Its declared enemy is just one man, President Barack Obama. One in the Supreme Court, reliably churning out new law (with that one amazing exception) to It has powerful allies, not least the Gang of Four Plus speed the GOP’s conquests and fund its campaigns. It requires its front-line troops in Congress to sign a pledge never under any circumstances to vote for any tax increase, thus making compromise impossible. It destroys unions where it can — as in Wisconsin — and chips away at their power wherever they have any. And it flexes its political muscle in arenas generally thought of as nonpartisan, such as school boards, library boards and so on.

Unfortunately for the world we live in, ceding so much power to a political party means that that party has an inescapable obligation to conduct itself in ways beneficial to the general good. Unfortunately the Republican Party is enslaved to the interests of fossil fuels. They cannot resist the tragical changes in our world’s weather, since it is that burning which causes them.

The only hope for the world is to terminate their control of the forces which are dooming us to worsening storms, droughts and spoilage of our natural resources. That is not arguable. It is a fact of our lives which we have lived with for steadily worsening conditions for generations, and can’t afford to let go on.

Jeffrey Sachs

    Jeffrey Sachs


“Much of the world is already in water crisis, and that crisis will only continue to grow.”

Jeffrey Sachs