Elizabeth Anne Hull

Elizabeth Anne Hull

Elizabeth Anne Hull

Blond and brainy, Elizabeth Anne Hull (known as Betty to most of her friends and called Betty Anne by her husband, Frederik Pohl), is Professor Emerita of William Rainey Harper College in Palatine, Illinois, where she taught English and science fiction for over 30 years, earning the school’s Distinguished Faculty Award in 1997. The Alumni Association of Northwestern University honored Betty’s contributions to her profession with its Award of Merit in 1995.

Betty has authored essays and short stories, lectured on sf around the world, and led many writing workshops. She edited the anthologies Gateways: Original New Stories Inspired by Frederik Pohl and, with Fred, Tales from the Planet Earth.

Betty has been a member of the selection jury for the annual John W. Campbell Memorial Award for best science-fiction novel since 1986. She’s been an active member of the Science Fiction Research Association, serving as its president and editor of its SFRA Newsletter/Review; SFRA awarded her its Thomas D. Clareson Award for Distinguished Service in 1997. A frequent contributor to the programs at Worldcons, Betty will be co-organizer of the academic track at Chicon 7 in 2012.

Active in Illinois politics, she is a former president of the Palatine Area League of Women Voters. In 1996, the National Democratic Party selected Betty as its congressional nominee against the longtime Republican incumbent in the 8th District. (Not unexpectedly, he won, but she put up a good fight.)

Born in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, on January 10, 1937, Betty was educated at Illinois State University (1954–55); City Colleges of Chicago (A.A., 1965); Northwestern University and Loyola University (M.A., 1970, Ph.D., 1975).

Fred and Betty were married in 1984. From her previous marriage, Betty has two daughters, Catherine Pizarro and Barbara Wintczak, and two grandchildren, Christine and Eric Wintczak.


  1. D.E. Hernandez says:

    My Middle School teacher Mrs.Wintczak always talks about her mom giving praise and everything.Im glad I noticed because it seems she is a remarkable lady. Mrs.Wintczak is truly fortunate to have a mom as wonderful as her.I am now inspired to go after my dreams, and to do my dreams as long as I can live!

  2. Malcolm Phifer says:

    I just heard about Fred. You have my deepest sympathy. I will call you in a couple weeks.

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  4. Geri Brasfield says:

    I wanted to tell you how sorry I was to hear of your husband’s passing. I enjoyed his books when I was young, then I enjoyed having you as a teacher, then I enjoyed reading his books all over again. I stopped in to visit Mr. Pohl’s website every now and then, and was so happy to see that he continued to write and blog. I had just offered to lend my copies of some of his books to a client, only to hear a week later that he had passed. Again, thank you both for your contributions to my education and my enjoyment.

  5. Jonathan Tomlinson says:

    Hello – I was searching the web for my grandfather, Laurence Manning, and came across the blog that you maintain after the death of your husband. I was interested reading about Fletcher Pratt, because I have a slightly different angle on some of the stories related there.

    First, about the Manning’s falling out with Fletcher Pratt: The problem stems from the fact that Pratt had frequent visitors, and he shared a driveway with my grandparents. Apparently, grandma didn’t get anywhere with Pratt about his guests leaving the driveway open, so she hired a contractor and had a fence built right down the middle of the driveway. As I understand from my mother, Helen, relations between the Mannings and Pratt were frosty ever thereafter.

    Also, regarding Ted Sturgeon: Mother remembers that summer when Ted Sturgeon stayed with Fletcher. As the Mannings were over there frequently, Mom helped Ted do the dishes afterward. She remembers Fletcher parading back and forth in the kitchen, referring to Sturgeon as his “scullion”…

    It’s nice to see Fletcher and my grandparents mentioned on the net. I hope you enjoy this information.

    Jonathan Tomlinson, grandson of Laurence Manning

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