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Frederik Pohl

Frederik Pohl

The late Frederik Pohl began this blog in 2009. His writing here won him the Hugo Award for Best Fan Writer the following year. Since his death in September 2013, the blog is being continued with material he wrote before his death, plus contributions from his widow, Elizabeth Anne Hull; blogmaster Leah A. Zeldes and others of his friends and fans. The following is Fred’s self introduction.

I’m Frederik Pohl, a science fiction writer. I have been writing books for a few years, but this is my first blog.

In case you just wandered in on this chat and have never in your life heard of me, a condition which tragically is shared by a large fraction of the human race, I attach a biographical sketch. (Which you can certainly skim or skip entirely. In fact, I recommend it.)

This blog began for two reasons. One was that one of my editors has been coaxing me to do something of the sort for publicity purposes, but the one that tipped the scales was that I’ve been for some time toying with the idea of publishing either an expanded and updated edition of my experiment in autobiography, The Way the Future Was, or a sequel to it.

A big part of this will be talk about sf writers I have known — as clients when I was a literary agent, as contributors when I was editing books or magazines, as collaborators, as traveling companions over a big part of the world — which is basically all of the writers anyone has ever heard of over the last many years.

Now and then I might talk about any other subject that interests me. But if you aren’t interested, you can skim.

Co-conspirators: My friends Dick Smith and Leah Zeldes are helping out with the widgets and other blogutiae.

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