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Frederik Pohl (2009)   Ray Bradbury (1975)

Does Fred get his due as an author? Here’s a 2008 interview by Liz Armstrong at, in which she asserts he doesn’t, particularly in comparison to Waukegan’s favorite son, Ray Bradbury.

She begins:

Screw Ray Bradbury and all his Midwestern sci-fi fame and glory. It’s great that he gets all moony over rolling fields of grass, and sure he’s a jolly read, but his characters never really tickle danger. Where’s the fucking, the profanity, the evil? It’s a bad gimmick, but what the hell, why not even toss in a random alien-zapping dickwad once in a while? He’s not writing sci-fi, he’s writing fantasy. For elementary school children. When Chicago declared a couple years ago that April 15 was officially Ray Bradbury Day, why was there no looting and rioting? Bradbury’s a longtime Californian, first of all, and second, he’s no Frederik Pohl.

Read what Fred had to say about it at Vice.

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Bradbury photo by Alan Light.

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  1. Lostinbooks says:

    All very true. I love both, but Frederick Pohl is not as well known as he deserved.