From the blog team:

We’re thrilled to tell you that Fred’s novel Gateway may soon be on your TV screen.

Entertainment One Television (Hell on Wheels) in collaboration with De Laurentiis Co. (Dune< and Hannibal) plan to develop and produce a TV drama series adapted from the book, which was one of Fred’s favorites, and a winner of the 1978 Hugo Award for Best Novel, the 1978 Locus Award for Best Novel, the 1977 Nebula Award for Best Novel, and the 1978 John W. Campbell Memorial Award for best science-fiction novel.

The two companies were the winners of an auction with a number of producers bidding on the the screen rights to the novel. Martha De Laurentiis and Lorenzo De Maio of De Laurentiis will be the executive producers, along with eOne TV’s John Morayniss, CEO; Michael Rosenberg, executive VP of U.S. scripted TV; and Benedict Carver, senior VP of filmed entertainment. They’re now looking for a writer to do the screenplay adaptation, so interested sf writers with TV experience should contact them.

Some of you will wonder — yes, Fred knew this was coming together before he died.


  1. Stefan Jones says:

    It is sad that Fred didn’t get to see at least the pilot!

    I think a Gateway series would have lots of potential as long as it doesn’t try to do too much. An extended version of the first book, following the stories of various prospectors, would be just dandy. The new generation of screen writers are familiar with SF, but also know how to write good stories with interesting characters. Real SF/drama, not simplistic parables or adventure stories.

  2. B. Morris Allen says:

    Sounds very promising. I hadn’t considered it until now, but the story is well suited to an episodic presentation. I just hope it’s done well – not too much Hollywood schlock.

  3. Ken says:

    That’s great news, I hope it actually all comes together. We all know that without a good story you’ve got nothing, and with Gateway the story is there in spades. Combine that with some great special effects and it could be awesome!

  4. bill says:


    Now, somebody pitch a Lifetime movie about the Futurians, that can turn into a series.
    It’s got everything, and we need an intelligent period piece now that Madmen is winding
    down. Interpersonal drama has been proven to be just as entertaing as laser blasts,
    and it would just be cool.

  5. bijou says:

    Frederik Pohl novels are really very dramantical stories…. i am very glad to see it on televisions…thanks for promoting such a good novels on television…