Welcome to Bexar County, Texas, the U.S. county with the fifth highest number of executions in the period 1876–2012.

(Oh, you didn’t know? That’s San Antonio, Texas, where the 2013 Worldcon was held this weekend.)


  1. Don Cook says:

    R.I.P. Fred. Thanks for all your wonderful writing.

  2. Steven Senski says:

    Goodbye, Fred. We can never thank you enough.

  3. Teka Lynn says:

    Rest in peace, Mr. Pohl. You are remembered, honored, and missed.

    Thank you for everything.

  4. Ken Marable says:

    Thank you for staying true and seeking to open our eyes to the world around us – both as it is now, and as we could make it. Even now you weren’t afraid to raise a little trouble to keep us from being too complacent. Farewell and thank you.

  5. Angie says:

    We’ll miss you, Fred. You were a great writer, and a great man. :(


  6. Robert Rose says:

    His last post touched on both science fiction and politics. Fitting.

    I still mean what I said when I wrote you that letter back in the 80’s that got me such a nice response, Mr. Pohl. I wish I could have sat down for a long talk with you…but I suppose that would have been selfish, compared to letting you write what all of us could read.

  7. Genie Robinson says:

    You, and the other greats of sci-fi, were instrumental in shaping my young mind. I owe you much. You will be missed.

  8. Albert Vierling says:


  9. Vile Traveller says:

    You still provide a giant’s shoulders for others to stand on.

  10. Mike Ambrose says:

    Bye, Fred. We met for about a minute at the ’97 WorldCon in San Antone when you signed a copy of WAY THE FUTURE WAS and graciously let me have my picture taken with you. I speak for all fans who loved your work and your perseverance.

  11. Nadine says:

    Rest in Peace Sir. Your family is in our hearts. Too many times we write lots of flowery words after artists like you have passed and will not walk on this Earth again. You have no chance to read what we write. I know funerals and these words are meant for the living. Maybe we can let the remaining ‘Old Guard’ know how much we enjoy their work, etc. now while they are still alive to hear the words?

  12. Candace Wiggins says:

    Thank you for your life’s work, as well as your life, and thank you for just stepping out from the crowd and standing apart in this field. You were one of the first I read and you will be, for myself and others, greatly missed. You set a very high bar.