You’re Killing America’s Future

If the Koch Brothers need more money that badly, let one of them get a part-time job.


  1. Sevesteen says:

    In other words, stop using any sort of practical source of energy. If there is any risk, we must surrender.

    From an SF writer. Wow.

    Nevermind that the gas from fracking is largely replacing higher-polluting sources, so is a net gain environmentally.

    Bloomberg bought an entire city–but apparently his lust for power won’t be satisfied until he pushes his rules on the entire country–Meanwhile the Koch Brothers want to take over the world…and let it do what it wants.

  2. Lola Sparky says:

    I go to anti-fracking rallies. I just got a magazine from an account I have $ invested in.
    American Fund’s, Investor Magazine.
    Page 12…
    “fracking and horizontal drilling are not without controversy. Some perfectly reasonable questions about possible health-related and environmental consequences have been voices, and political headwinds may slow the acceptance of these methods.
    However, the bottom line from a purely economic perspective, at least – is that the technique is helping energy producers reach vast untapped resources. Natural gas and oil formations that were once thought too expensive to access are now potentially in play, which promises to have a dramatic effect on the economy” (it goes on and on… “methinks they doth protest too much!”) Well, that says it all doesn’t it? I’ll take the penalty and put the $ in my mattress! So – take to the streets – but make sure your money isn’t supporting big oil and gas companies! I just found this out (usually throw the magazine out!). Let’s start a campaign against all the investment companies that are supporting fracking! Hit ‘em where it hurts. They scoff at our signs and our protests – we better see where our money is going!