Frederik Pohl (Photo by Leigh T. Hanlon).

Frederik Pohl at Windycon 39, Nov. 10, 2012 (Photo by Leigh T. Hanlon).

Fred made a rare live appearance last month at Windycon in Lombard, Ill., talking about his 75-year career. Leigh Hanlon of ChicagoScope recorded it, so you can hear it, too.

Elizabeth Anne Hull also features, and blogmaster Leah A. Zeldes is the interviewer.

Click to play “75 years of Fred,”
ChicagoScope podcast with Fred, Betty and Leah.


  1. Bill Higgins-- Beam Jockey says:

    In introducing this podcast, Leigh Hanlon explains that he was taken by surprise when Fred started the event early, so he started recording partway through Fred’s performance of a song by Donald Wollheim.

    For those curious about what’s missing, I found the lyrics in an earlier TWTFB entry.

  2. Steve Davidson says:


    I wanted you to know that Amazing Stories will be coming out as a print publication – but I have to build up readership and notice first.

    The version that I’ll be debuting shortly would be better described as a “social magazine”, rather than an e-zine, hopefully combining the best aspects of a magazine and a social network.

    I’m just doing what good ol’ Hugo did – except with computers.

    Steve Davidson

  3. Drostan says:

    Fred, your works have been an amazing source of inspiration to me, my entire life, and I’m actually quite sad that I’ve barely touched the surface of your works.

    Though I have to ask, are you disappointed that we’re trying to shoot for Mars, before trying to create an Orbital Elevator of some sort?

  4. Ken says:

    That was a fun listen, thanks!

  5. Michael Walsh says:

    Great stuff!

    Thanks to all involved to bring this to the masses!

  6. Frank Leblanc says:

    Recordings like this make me wish someone had had the foresight to film every panel at every con going back seventy-five years. Imagine the documentary you could edit together–a history of the genre with interview footage of every science fiction and fantasy author published since 1936.

    Story Idea: time traveling fan from the future shows up at past cons to have precious first editions signed before they were written, giving some young sf authors glimpses of books that will make them famous. The whole things goes awry when he recruits Harlan Ellison’s help to get all 34 signitures for Dangerous Visions before the New Wave even happens…

  7. Kevin says: