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I said I was going to put advertising in the blog, and I am doing it. Only I think I’ll limit it to advertising my own books — and so here is the first ad!

Now Available as an Ebook!

The Best of Frederik Pohl
The Famous Anthology Edited by Lester del Rey

The Stories

“The Tunnel under the World,” “Punch,” ‘Three Portraits and a Prayer,” “Howard Chandler Christie: The Lovely Young Girl,” “A Time cover attributed to Artzybasheff,” “Gilbert Stuart: His Late Period,” “Day Million,” “Happy Birthday, Dear Jesus,” “We Never Mention Aunt Nora,” “The Day the Martians Came,” “The Midas Plague,” “The Snowmen,” “How to Count on Your Fingers,” “Grandy Devil,” “Speed Trap,” “The Richest Man in Levittown,” “The Day the Icicle Works Closed,” “The Hated,” “The Martian in the Attic,” “The Census Takers” and “The Children of Night.”

Comments by the Author:

When we first talked about a collection of my “best” stories I dove right into something like catatonia. It isn’t easy to pick out the best of your life’s work. That is almost like asking me to pick out which two of my children were to appear in a “best of the family” household anthology. In fact, it is exactly like that because. although like most writers I try to maintain a pose of public professionalism, also like most writers I bleed and die with every story I write.

So when Ballantine books suggested that someone else make the selections for me, I was ecstatic with relief. And I could not have picked a better man than Lester del Rey.

Comments by the Editor:

Nothing is easy to categorize about the life and works of Frederik Pohl. His stories vary more in length, attitude, type and treatment than those of any other writer I know. About the only point of similarity is the high level of excellence in everything from his short-shorts to his novels.

Ebook edition only $5. To order, go back to the picture of the book and give the guy whose image is on the cover a poke on the nose. I promise he’ll forgive you.


  1. Steve Muhlberger says:

    Space Merchants in e- book format?

  2. Organic Marble says:

    This is an excellent collection. I got it back in the 70s when Ballantine was putting a whole series of these collections out. I treasure them all.

  3. Jonathan Hamlow says:

    Marvelous and no sooner said than purchased. Finally got me to sign up with Baen which I’d been putting off for no particularly good reason.

  4. Steve Davidson says:

    I’ve got a printed copy and so can heartily recommend this volume. At $5.00 – it’s a steal!

  5. Robert Nowall says:

    I liked it…I think it might have been my first substantial introduction to your fiction (having just missed things like “The Gold at the Starbow’s End” by not subscribing to Analog until after it appeared)…but I’ve still got my copy of the book somewhere in my files.

    Still…I do need some content for my Nook…and I still like a lot of the stories…I think I’ll check it out and see if I can do it anyway…

  6. john miller says:

    Hmm, one advert every 92 years…

    Seems OK

  7. Carl Glover says:

    I bought the original Ballantine paperback when it first came out, even though I had already read all of the stories in magazines and other anthologies, and still have it. And I’ve re-read all of them more than once over the years. Lester was right: they’re all darn good!

    Good luck with the Ebook.

    (By the way, I loved your’s and Lester’s “Edson McCann” novel “Preferred Risk” when I first read it during my Golden Age. Any chance it will ever be reprinted?)

  8. Bruce says:

    Good to see you back in “print”. Better yet, Baen also includes this in a bundle of 10 of your works for $50. And good timing – my paperback copies of your stuff from the 70’s and 80’s are starting to be unsafe to read lest they come apart while doing so.

    Nitpicking: unfortunately they don’t seem to be issuing the Heechee novels in sequence: No sign of Gateway yet.

  9. A.R.Yngve says:

    “Tunnel Under the World” is one of my favorite short stories of all time. (I read it in a Swedish edition of Galaxy Magazine which I found in an attic.)

    There is a pretty good TV version of the story in the “Out Of the Unknown” series, and it’s on YouTube — how about that?:

  10. Robert Nowall says:

    I understand that “The Space Merchants” is about to be released in a Library of America collection of Great Science Fiction Novels…any comments on that?

  11. Michael Walsh says:

    Great collection. As a matter of fact the entire Ballantine/Del Rey “Best of” series is well worth owning.