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Mr. Left Hand, Meet Mr. Right Hand: You Two Should Talk

Even when it come to food, Congress still likes to talk out of two sides of its mouth at once. Congress has appropriated large sum of tax money to urge Americans to eat more healthful food, their ideal dinner plate supposed to contain 50 percent of fruit and vegetables, and no more than the other 50 percent given to meat and starches.

But Congress is right now in the middle of a new farm bill which would spend the overwhelming majority of its appropriation on subsidies for growing those very starches — wheat, rice, corn and so on — that they are urging us to eat less of.

If you feel moved to write your congressman about this, all you need say is “subsidize fewer fattening starches, more green vegetables and fruit.” If you like him, you can add “please.”


  1. Leah A. Zeldes says:

    Even more worrisome are devastating cuts to food stamps that are part of the bill. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/06/13/opinion/food-stamps-and-the-farm-bill.html

  2. Larry Sanderson says:

    Hey! I like my farm subsidies! Besides, you can’t grow no greens in NoDak…

  3. Howard Brazee says:

    The farm bill is not about food, it is about Big Business which buys politicians.

    (Competing with other Big Business)

  4. John says:

    Can we just stop with the darn subsidies?

  5. John Behnken says:

    Right on, Mr. Pohl. Already done.
    We might also mention that the majority of corn that is grown goes to feed cows and grow them BIG, which produces BIG beef. We should let the cows eat grass, like they were born to do, and use the unsubsidized corn industry to feed people. One might even say that the corn subsidy is truly a beef subsidy. But that sounds too much like a conspiracy.

  6. Eric says:

    I read your books in an attempt to avoid thinking about the horrible decline of American politics. It works quite marvelously in the short term.