The Strip by Brian McFadden

I’ve been reading the New York Times, on and off, since I was maybe twelve years old, when the major attraction was ads showing models in their underwear, and I have long been aware of some puzzling facts about the paper. The first of those facts was historical: Way back in the 19th century, the Times had been the first newspaper in America to publish a comic strip — followed by Fact No. 2: After a few weeks the paper canceled the strip and never again sullied its reportage of facts, not funnies —

Until this year of 2012, that is. Then without warning it began running, on Sundays only, a strip written and drawn by Brian McFadden. It’s not just a comic, it’s a political comic; and it’s not just politics, it’s often my kind of politics. The first week’s subject was “Religious Exemptions for Fun and Profit,” and then it was “Campaign Comeback Advice for Mitt Romney.” One piece of advice: “Apply Vaseline to your teeth if you plan on mentioning Massachusetts. Smiles tend to be more convincing than looking like you just sucked on a lemon.”

Of course you won’t find this strip in the comics section, because there isn’t any comics section. It shows up on Page 2 of “The Sunday Review.” (You can also see it online at The Daily Kos.)


  1. Mark Henley says:

    Dear Sir,
    I’ve spent the last week enjoying this website.
    How do I pay you for this? Oh, and how much?


    Mark H.

  2. Mikael Bergström says:

    Brian’s work is also available at his own website, . I’m sure you know this already (it was mentioned in the linked interview) but I just thought I’d share…

  3. Pat says:

    Mark, I think the only way to donate is to buy Mr Pohl’s books or buy more of his books if you already have some. You benefit again, he benefits.

  4. Mark Henley says:

    Thank you Pat!