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Fred’s been a little busy lately starting another book, so we’re taking it on ourselves to give you some of his publishing news. St. Joseph’s Day seems an appropriate day to tell you about Fred’s new novel, set in Italy. All the Lives He Led is due out April 12 from Tor. From the press release:

All the Lives He LedThe year is 2079. In the shadow of Mount Vesuvius a virtual reality theme park has been erected for Il Giubelo — the celebration honoring the 2000th anniversary of the volcano’s great eruption. Tens of thousands of tourists from around the world have converged on the site for the occasion. But trouble is brewing in Pompei. . . .

Brad Sheridan, an indentured servant from a post-disaster United States, has been hired to work as an “authentic” ancient Pompeian wine seller for the event. Brad already has his hands full — with the woman of his dreams, and with troubling events that threaten to cost him his job. But as the fateful day draws near, he uncovers a much bigger nightmare: A terrorist cell is devising a plot to draw attention to their cause by creating a disaster — one so massive it could wipe out humanity.

With his trademark eye for humanity, Frederik Pohl has created a multi-layered story about a group of people caught in the shifting current of political unrest. All the Lives He Led is gripping science fiction — a new masterwork from the Grand Master.

Also in April, Orb Books will bring back into print Fred’s classic novel Man Plus. A gripping story of cybernetics, political intrigue and the creation of a superman, Man Plus won the Nebula Award for Best Novel in 1976 and was nominated for the Hugo and several other awards.


  1. Mike Goldberg says:

    Great news!

  2. Robert Nowall says:

    I guess having the swallows return to San Juan Capistrano isn’t enough honor for the feast day of St. Joseph…

  3. GinBerlin says:

    Sounds really great. I love Pompeii stories and it will be great fun to read one set in the future rather than in the past.

  4. Anton Sherwood says:

    Off-topic: Mr Pohl, did you know Rex Stout?
    I ask because his story “Bullet for One” (1948) has a character named Ferdinand Pohl.

  5. Stefan Jones says:

    That new Man Plus cover looks wonderful!

    And there’s a NEW Pohl novel on the way? Dang. Not such a sucky year after all.

  6. Morey says:

    Mr. Pohl,
    Is there any way to get an autographed copy of the book? I actually have a long story about the time I was supposed to get your autograph through a neigbour of yours, but I’ll save it for later. In the meantime, here’s what I’d like to propose. Since it’s unlikely I’m getting to Palatine soon (read: ever) if an autographed copy could be sent to a friend in the US, I’d be happy to pay for the book, shipping AND make a $100 donation to a charity of your choice. And, if you’re up for it, I dare other fans here to make the same offer. We get a great book and together we raise some money for a worthwhile cause. Win win.