My new Hugo. (Photo courtesy Helen Montgomery.)

My new Hugo. (Photo courtesy Helen Montgomery.)

To say that I’m pleased to have won this Hugo doesn’t really cover the subject, because I’m not just pleased, I’m tickled pink. So I want to thank everybody who voted in this year’s event, whoever they voted for; to thank as well all the nice people, beloved friends as well as total strangers, who sent me messages of congratulation and affection; and finally to thank the whole world of science-fiction fandom, which I have inhabited since before I quite reached my teens, and to which I will stop giving my allegiance when I stop breathing, but not before.


  1. TechSlave says:

    A lovely photo, and fandom is grateful to have you – as well as all of science fiction. Glad to have you until the end!

  2. Jim Flanagan says:


  3. Andy says:

    Well, you earned it. I read several scifi blogs (some written by established authors and some not), and yours is hands down the most interesting. Every time I see a new post from The Way the Future Blogs pop up in Google Reader, I get excited. I’ve particularly enjoyed your series of posts about the late legends of the genre.

    Keep up the great work Mr. Pohl.

  4. Wade Franklin says:

    Dear Mr. Pohl,

    Congratulations! I discovered your blog a few months ago and I have enjoyed it almost as much as I have enjoyed your fiction, which I’ve been reading since the I began reading SF in the mid-60’s. I was very pleased to hear that you had won the Hugo.

    Wade Franklin

  5. John Traylor says:

    Congratulations indeed Mr. Pohl. I have been reading your work for quite a few years. One of your books that has a prized spot on one of my book shelves is a copy of The Way The Future Was. So I check your blog quite often to see what else you have to say. Keep up the good work.

  6. Bill Goodwin says:

    And what a fine Hugo it is! I like the design of the base this year–but even better the name on it! A well-deserved “Spaceship of the Imagination!”

  7. Stefan Jones says:

    Keep breathing, keep blogging!

  8. Tina Black says:

    Your blog really details just how much of a fan you have been for all your life. Congratulations on that particular recognition. This Hugo is very good looking, and I hope that you understand that you are a beloved fan.

    At the Heinlein Centennial, Robert James took Peter Diamandis over to meet you because Diamandis was too shy to walk up to such a great man as yourself. Great you surely are, but also a wonderful and personable man.

    I’ve been reading your books since I was ten and the Red Bank Library finally let me have an adult card. I’ll keep reading them as long as you keep writing them.

  9. David B. Williams says:

    Just goes to show, you should have stuck with what’s important instead of getting diverted into all that Filthy Pro stuff. But then, you won Hugos for that, too. Oh well.

    Amazingly, you weren’t the oldest recipient this year. If you have any Jack Vance recollections, please move them up in the queue.

  10. PurpleRanger says:

    You know the old saying, Mr. Pohl — Even death will not release you. :)

    Congratulations, sir.

  11. Ellen Asher says:

    Congratulations, Fred! It couldn’t have gone to a worthier recipient.

  12. Mike Ransom says:

    Congratulations on a well-deserved honor. This is one of my favorite blogs.

  13. James Davis Nicoll says:

    Congratulations! It was well deserved!

  14. Ryk E. Spoor says:

    You’re welcome from yet another of the many fans you’ve entertained and sometimes amazed over your career. And you’ve amazed again by producing such a fascinating set of memories here, in the modern electronic medium, for many people who may be hearing some of the Golden Age names for the first time.

    Thank you VERY much, Mr. Pohl.

  15. Julia Sullivan says:

    Congratulations on the well-deserved honor, and thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us here!

  16. William Cliffe says:

    A very well deserved honour, Mr. Pohl! Excited to read this blog whenever a new post claws its way to the fore.


  17. Cliff Winnig says:

    Mr. Pohl,

    Mazel tov! As a long-time reader of your fiction and essays, I too was tickled pink by the news. This is an excellent blog, and I’m glad fandom has recognized it in this way!

  18. Teka Lynn says:

    Congratulations, sir!

  19. Greg Nichols says:

    I can’t tell you Mr. Pohl how happy I am to see you recognized like this and like others, I offer a very heart-felt congratulations. Reading your books has been (and continues to be) one of life’s great pleasures. And your blog has become a must-read for science fiction fans everywhere. All the best Mr. Pohl!

  20. LJ Weldon says:

    I am so very pleased. Congratulations!

  21. Chris G. says:

    Congratulations, sir!

  22. Chookie says:

    Congratulations on your latest Hugo!