Red Canoe Bistro, 398 John St., Burlington, ON, L7R 2K4, Canada, (905) 637-6137.

398 John St., Burlington, ON, L7R 2K4, Canada, (905) 637-6137.

You know how it is when you’re in Toronto and you need to drive down to Niagara Falls, only it’s time for lunch and you’re getting really hungry, and you don’t know the name of any really outstandingly good restaurant on the way? Well, we can help you there.

The one you want to go to is the Red Canoe Bistro in Burlington, Ontario, voted the best new restaurant of the year and well deserving of the honor. Check out their website for directions and menus.

The proprietor and head chef is the talented Tobias Pohl-Weary, who has not only been winning awards for his cuisine but is also my grandson, of whom I am really proud.


  1. Robert Nowall says:

    Maybe you should ask him what he thinks of lobster bisque or civet catpoop coffee…

  2. Jen says:

    Thanks for the recommendation- we’re fairly close, and always looking for new places to eat. And congratulations to your grandson- you should be very proud :-)

  3. simon says:

    I misread the headline as “Eat a red canoe bistro”. Mmmm, red canoe.

  4. Granddaughter Who Shall Remain Nameless says:

    It’s absolutely delicious — I can testify to that! And one of the most incredible things about Red Canoe Bistro is they use mostly local foods that are Native to the are. Every time I go there, I try something I’ve never eaten before. A very unique dining experience.

  5. Tobias says:

    Thanks Grandpa

    Your mentions are a great help. Hope your still getting some writing done.

    p.s. I love Lobster Bisque and serve it frequently and I have not had the chance to try the Kopi Luwak coffee but I would be interested in trying it. I promised myself to try at least 1 portion of everything edible at least once.