Here are a couple of quatrains, the first from the smallest fanzine ever published (one 8½-by-11 sheet, folded twice to make eight 4¼-by-5½ pages), my own Mind of Man, ca. 1936:

Necroptic life, in Thursday bliss,
Exploits a winnowed worker’s brawn
While taurine canines gently kiss
With urine the aureuscid lawn.

— Frederik Pohl

While the other is the only complete verse by Cyril Kornbluth that I remember. Date unknown, but probably close to the above.

Gym Class

One, two, three. four,
Clap your hands and prance
In stinky shirt and stinky shoes
And stinky little pants.

—C.M. Kornbluth

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  1. Shakatany says:


  2. Stefan Jones says:

    I love the Gym Class piece. It makes me think of Daniel Pinkwater’s nutty kids’ fiction.

    I presume that it is copyright . . . is there a place to ask permission to use it?

  3. Bud Webster says:

    I am SO glad you guys didn’t stop there.

  4. Gary Farber says:

    “the first from the smallest fanzine ever published”

    Bob Tucker used to publish a postcard fanzine.